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Preseason 2008: Bills at Colts (Opening of Lucas Oil Stadium)


Pre-season 2008: Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium- Indianapolis, IN
Kick-off Time: 8:00pm
Broadcast: NFL Network (also, check out Channel Surfing)SB Nation Co-Blog: Buffalo Rumblings
Tonight, we finally get a gander at Indianapolis' new and exciting stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium. Call it whatever nickname you want. Call it Luke, The Lube, LOSer Stadium, House that Peyton Built, The Oil Drum, The Gas Can, whatever. Based on many reviews from readers here, the adjective "beautiful" must come before any chosen nickname. Everything I've read and everything people have told me leads me to believe Lucas Oil Stadium is now one of the best stadiums in the league. So, naturally, when I see it on TV (and when I see it in person later this year), I will have high expectations.
With so many injuries, this game is more about the stadium than the actual players playing in the game. I don't care about the Jim Sorgis, Jeff Charlestons, or Jordan Senns of this team. Tonight, look for a healthy dose of players who will likely not make (nor should they make) the active roster. I shudder to think of how bad the special teams will look. Most of the good STers are hurt, and Buffalo has an outstanding ST unit. Unlike most second-to-last preseason games, this one is hardly a dress rehearsal for the regular season; just too many injuries and too much uncertainty.
And if you watched some of the games last night, injuries and uncertainty are plaguing just about every NFL team these days.
Even the Bills will be without starting QB Trent Edwards. Please stop over to the always friendly Buffalo Rumblings, and thank them for firing Bill Polian all those years ago. This is an open thread for pre-game and in-game. Remember to click the thread to enter comments. Comments update automatically now.

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