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Preseason 2008: Post-Game Thread, Bills 20-Colts 7

Boy, was that boring. But hey, it's preseason. The Colts mailed this game in early, trotting out Jared Lorenzen as the "Starting" QB because Jim Sorgi hurt himself stepping off the bus. No, I'm not kidding. I'm starting to think the Colts are a little too cautious with the injuries.

The positives are the special teams continued to look very good, despite all the injuries. And he run defense was especially good (allowed 2.7 a rush), despite what NFL Network announcers Sterling Sharpe, Deion Sanders, and Marshall Faulk think. Seriously, if NFL Network is going to toss idiots like these in a booth, why would I pay extra money for the crappy channel? Those three schmucks make Tirico, Kornheiser, and Jaws look like Jackson, Cosell, and Meredith.

Devin Aromashodu had a 94 yard TD catch from Quinn Gray, who moved the football better than The Pillsbury Throwboy but had several passes tipped for INTs. Gray really struggled. Except for that one excellent long TD throw, it was a horror show for him.

So, clearly, the Bills cared to win this game and the Colts didn't. It's really that simple. What's your take?