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Jags finally sign their 1st round pick

Just over a week before the season opener, the Jacksonville Jaguars signed their 1st round pick. Derrick Harvey held out for over a month, before the he was finally able to come to an agreement with the Jags.

What took so long? At first glance Harvey's deal is exactly what would be expected based on the deals signed before and after him in the draft. The sticking point according to ESPN's reports was the triggers for escalator clauses. ESPN reports that the deal's escalators activate with less playing time than in the deals signed ahead of Harvey.

So not only did the Jags trade a pile of draft picks to move up for Harvey then not sign him for the 1st month of camp. When they finally did sign him it was on terms favorable to Harvey. They gave up a month of their top 10 pick just to give in to him and give him a better deal than his slot dictated. Nice work.