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Preseason 2008: Bengals at Colts (Even More Lucas Oil Stadium)


Preseason 2008: Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium- Indianapolis, IN
Kick-off Time: 7:00pm Eastern
Broadcast: Check out Channel SurfingSB Nation Co-Blog: Cincy Jungle
It's time for our seemingly annual Goodbye to Preseason Party we have with our friends from the south and east of us, the Cincinnati Bengals. Per usual, neither team will play their regular starters. So, no Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson, and a host of other stars. But who is playing does offer a certain amount of intrigue.
For Indy, guys like Philip Wheeler and Tom Santi will play in preseason for the first time. For Cincy, there is a rumor the Bengals are shopping Rudy Johnson for a legit WR. So, we may see a lot of Rudy. The injury list reads like John Gotti's rap sheet. We can enjoy a full helping of Colin "not the crappy actor" Ferrell, Jordan Senn, Jeff Charleston, Onrea Jones, and Chad Simpson. Keep an eye on Courtney Roby, who is looking to establish himself as the primary returner on special teams. Also, Quinn Gray is starting at QB for Indy.
At least we get to see The Lube again on TV one more time before Kickoff Weekend. This is your open thread.