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My Final Cuts

The Colts have to cut the roster from 75 to 53 by Saturday. So 22 (or 21 if Lilja goes on the PUP or any of the recent injuries go on IR) guys have to go. Here's my picks for the chopping block. In no particular order.

  1. HB Kenton Keith
  2. DB Brandon Foster
  3. LB Victor Worsley
  4. OG Tala Esera
  5. QB Jared Lorenzen
  6. QB Quinn Gray
  7. WR Sam Giguere
  8. OT Corey Hillard
  9. WR Onrea Jones
  10. OT Darren Marquez
  11. HB Chad Simpson
  12. DT Joe Bradley
  13. DT Dan Davis
  14. DE Ben Ishola
  15. DE Josh Thomas
  16. DE Jeff Charleston
  17. TE Tyrice Thomas
  18. LB Jordan Senn
  19. DB Melvin Bullitt
  20. DB Jamie Silva
  21. WR Devin Aromashadu
  22. LB Kyle Shotwell

And the seven man practice squad from those 22, well 6 from the 22.

  1. QB Adam Tafralis (They need a PS QB and Gray/Fatty are eligible)
  2. HB Chad Simpson
  3. LB Victor Worsley
  4. OT Corey Hillard
  5. DB Jamie Silva
  6. LB Kyle Shotwell
  7. WR Devin Aromashodu