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Recap: Dumb 2008 NFL Preseason is over!

Another preseason has come and gone for the Colts. This year, they managed to get through it losing their 6th CB and kick returner T.J. Rushing for the year and losing center Jeff Saturday for roughly half the season. All things considered, at too shabby. Teams like the Giants lost their best defender, and teams like the Chargers lost their best pass rusher, but have decided to play him anyway (risking his career). Our team is lucky folks. Simple as that.

We also got more good news on the Peyton Manning front. It's now a pretty solid bet he is starting against the Bears. Though Mike Lombardi was right regarding the second knee "prodcedure," Peyton seems ready to go against the Bears. Thank heaven.

Tomorrow, the Colts (and everyone else) have to cut down their roster to 53 active players. This means a lot of good players will indeed get cut. Injuries and players on the mend will drastically affect how this roster is shaped. Guys like Ryan Lilja might be put on the PUP, meaning we won't see him for another 6 weeks. What Saturday also means is that any players placed on the active 53 man roster has his salary guaranteed for 2008. Anyone signed after Saturday, the salay is not guaranteed.

Knowing this, it is still possible that we might see a Rob Morris signing after Saturday, maybe. We also might see players cut by other teams get signed by Indy. They signed several of these kinds of players in 2006, including Dan Klecko.

You might recall, way back before camp, we had some key questions the Colts needed to answer before the start of the regular season. I'll have my final answers to those questions later today.