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New Orleans Saints coming to Indianapolis to practice because of Hurricane Gustav, maybe

Three years nearly to the day, another category 3 hurricane has the city of New Orleans in its sights. Hurricane Gustav is currently gathering force off Cuba, and experts predict it will make landfall near New Orleans sometime next week. We all remember Katrina, and regardless of where you fall politically, I think we can all agree some very powerful people screwed up and it cost people their lives. This time around, let's hope everyone is ready.

In a small way, the city of Indianapolis is working to help New Orleans, in particular the New Orleans Saints:

"In the event that Hurricane Gustav forces us to evacuate, the team will temporarily relocate to Indianapolis," said [Saints] executive vice president/general manager Mickey Loomis. "If an evacuation is called for, we will fly to Indianapolis at that time and stay there for the entire week preparing for the Bucs. We will practice at Lucas Oil Stadium and we will return to New Orleans on Friday."

It's good of Indy to land a hand in case of an emergency. Interestingly, MasterRWayne and I have been posting some over at SB Nation's Saints blog, Canal Street Chronicles, taking about the Cover 2 philosophy. If the Saints do have to practice in Indy, it will be a homecoming of sorts for Saints QB Drew Brees, who played his college ball at Purdue. The Saints were also the team Peyton's father, Archie, played for. Peyton and his brothers grew up in New Orleans and continue to do work rebuilding the city post-Katrina.