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The Indianapolis Colts 53 man roster is set, maybe

Probably the biggest surprise cuts were DT Colin "Not the sh*tty actor" Ferrell and Brannon Condren. Condren was the one that shocked me the most. He had an excellent training camp, and really looked like he was developing into a good safety. But, it seems rookie free agent Jamie Silva beat him out, possibly because Silva has been so good on special teams.

As we expected (as far back as March), Kenton Keith was given his walking papers. He will likely find a team who needs him. Kenton can't catch, but he's still a very good runner.

The one I am upset over is Devin Aromashodu. He looked excellent in camp and preseason. He'll likely find a team needing a receiver (like, maybe, Jacksonville or Tennessee). Devin was a guy, like Condren, who worked to really improve in 2008, and it showed.

I have a feeling we'll see a player like Ferrell either re-signed or signed onto the practice squad. The Colts really liked him, especially Dungy. We could also see some known veterans possibly added. Onetime Colt Montae Reagor was cut today by the Eagles, and Chris Simms was shoved out the door in Tampa Bay. So, this roster might change by the end of the evening. The Colts kept 6 WRs and 5 TEs, with Gijon Robinson as a H-Back and Courtney Roby as a kick returner. They also kept only 4 DTs, with Big Ed Johnson as the only legit over tackle.

All in all, it's a loaded squad with lots of interchangeable parts. And if there was any doubt about the health of the QBs, that was answered today. Both Quinn Gray and Jared Lorenzen were cut, leaving the Colts with just two QBs.



All nine players selected in the 2008 NFL Draft – guard Mike Pollak, linebacker Philip Wheeler, tight end Jacob Tamme, defensive end Marcus Howard, running back Mike Hart, wide receiver Pierre Garcon, guard Steve Justice and center/guard Jamey Richard – made the 53-man roster, as did four rookie free agents: defensive end Curtis Johnson, linebacker Jordan Senn, safety Jamie Silva and defensive tackle Eric Foster.

Even AOL Fanhouse was impressed with that.