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BBS proves he is a psychic: Colts claim LB Buster Davis

Rotoworld, via a ProFootballTalk link, is confirming that the Colts have signed former Detroit Lions LBer Buster Davis. Davis, you may recall, was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals last year and was cut during their training camp. He was then picked up by Detroit, was signed to their practice squad in 2007, and was released yesterday.

You also may recall that I, the grand soothsayer of all things Colts-related, wrote a Who the Hell will they draft article on Davis last season because I thought he'd be perfect for the Tampa 2 style of defense the Colts run:

Davis is considered "small" for a pro-level linebacker. Again folks, the most over-rated attribute in sports is size. Gary Brackett is 5'8'' and is the starting middle linebacker for the Colts. He just won a ring, and his defense played amazing football in the post-season. To throw a very over-used but very true statement out there: size matters not.

I talked about Davis earlier and how I felt he would fit Dungy's Cover 2. Davis' speed and intangibles make him an intriguing pick. He may fall to Indy in the third round because of his mediocre timed speed at the Combine (4.69). However, he does have great football intelligence and swarms to the ball.

Davis was signed to the active roster, which means someone else needs to get cut in order to make room for him.


Buster Davis, Photo via