Love for AG

I'm not a Fantasy guy but saw this love for AG being one of the most "Underrated" players in the league (at least from a Fantasy Football perspective).  I agree with the Wes Welker comparison for 08' though I wish the rest of "Sports Nation" would get the message that the Harrison "legal" issues never materialized and never will, and his health doesn't seem to be an issue.

Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez
Here’s the 2008 version of Wes Welker. Like Welker, Gonzalez plays in a lethal passing offense and can operate quietly but effectively in the shadow of another highly regarded receiver who attracts a great deal of defensive attention (in Welker’s case, Randy Moss; in Gonzalez’s case, Reggie Wayne). Expect Gonzalez to put up good numbers even if teammate Marvin Harrison is around all season. But if injuries or legal problems take Harrison out of action, Gonzalez’s numbers could go through the roof.

On a different but I guess "fantay related" note: It will be interesting this year to see if the Colts look at using Mike Hart in the redzone this year.  His heart and determination could really be helpful near the goal line and would save wear and tear on Joe.  The Colts generally have used their top 2 backs exclusively unless an injury was in play.  Could Hart's ability get them to reach further down the depth chart and make them a 1-2-3 back team.  Talk about having some fresh legs in teh backfield come playoff time...


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