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Marvin Harrison is going to play Saturday against Carolina

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Photo via Washington Post

The Indy Star is reporting, and Ufanforreal is Fan Posting, that Marvin Harrison will indeed play this Saturday against the Carolina Panthers. This is a change from the schedule, as Tony Dungy said just yesterday that Marvin would not play until the third pre-season game. It seems now that Marvin is way ahead of schedule:


Just last night, Dungy had said Harrison, recovering from off-season knee surgery, wouldn’t make his 2008 pre-season debut until next week at the earliest, but the eight-time Pro Bowl receiver participated in two practices in a day for the first time Thursday and came away wanting to play.

"He actually wanted to work those two practices, made it through OK, felt good, wants to get a little bit in," Dungy said.

Of course, news of Marvin's return was covered by AOL Fanhouse, and (per usual) the pathetic attempts to sound witty and cute when describing Harrison continue to push Fanhouse's content down the blogosphere toilet bowl:

As late as last evening, Coach Tony Dungy stated that Marvin Harrison would not suit up until the team's third pre-season game. Well, Harrison must own some custom-made healing potion -- from Belgium, of course -- because less than an hour ago an announcement was made that Harrison will go tomorrow night in Carolina.

I guess, for some odd reason, the writers at Fanhouse cannot get over the fact that Marvin Harrison (and a few other million Americans) owns a gun. The gun, made in Belgium, might have been used in a shooting in Philadelphia over the summer that wounded a criminal in the hand. Harrison was never a suspect in the shooting, but such silly facts still won't get in the way of AOL Snickerhouse writers taking cute little "shots" at one of the NFL's most prolofic receiver, even though he hasn't done anything wrong or illegal.

Schmuck writing from Fanhouse aside, I'M SO PUMPED I COULD HAND-CHOP A PATS FAN WITH MY NINJA HANDS! Defensive captain Gary Brackett has also been cleared to play.

And yes, I was kidding about hand-chopping anyone.


AOL Fanhouse shows off its new site logo.

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