Game Thoughts

Ugh.  Preseason overtime.  That was painful.  It’s too bad the Panthers have a trio of special teams incompetence.  The longsnapper, holder, and John Kasay the kicker all helped make the game go on for ten minutes too long.

I was impressed by the Colts defense in the second half.  They really helped stop the run and didn’t give Basanez and Ricard any opportunities to make a big pass.  The secondary was pretty good.  Condren, Silva, and Ratliff all played well when they got in.

Where was Sam Giguere?  I have no idea what is going on with him.  I really like him, and so does Clyde Christiensen.  I hope he makes the practice squad.  I really want to see him get some game action.  Does anyone know what is going on with him?

This just in: We have frickin’ awesome wide receivers.  Every wide receiver on our roster has impressed me at some point.

This QB thing is getting complicated.  First Gray looks awesome.  Now Lorenzen looks awesome.  I doubt Sorgi will make the roster after this awful performance.  That was embarrassing.

Marcus Howard also didn’t play much.  It was easy to tell that there was less of a pass rush without him and Curtis Johnson.

The special teams has gotten a lot better on both sides.  TJ Rushing is looking great, and the coverage team is getting to the returner and not giving him any space.

Tony Ugoh looked especially weak with the fast ends.  That may just be because it’s the preseason, but I would want to see more out of him.

The rookie offensive linemen looked like veterans again today.  Polian has been getting better and better at drafting.

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