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Merriman done, Pollak on the shelf, and updates on Dallas Clark

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Sorry for the podcast fiasco last night. My Internet network at home is crap, and I need to upgrade it. I heard the show went well, with Guru doing the talking and many of you chatting away.

  • It looks like Shawne Merriman finally came to his senses and shut it down for 2008. I was about to call him the Stupidest Man in Football for the rest of 2008 if he played with those injuries, but I guess he grew a noddle and decided not to jeopardize his career. It's shameful that the Chargers allowed him to play in the first place.
  • More injury news, but this time for our team. Mike Pollak is on the shelf until after the bye week after having "minor" knee surgery. Basically, if he comes back before November, I'll do back flips. I don't trust the Colts when they give timetables for injured players to return. They either lie or don't truly know what they are talking about. Dallas Clark had an MRI, but Bill Polian said on his radio show he doesn't think anything is terribly wrong. Joseph Addai was healthy enough to return to the game Sunday night, but for some stupid reason Dungy held him out.
  • The good news in all this injury mess is Jeff Saturday is practicing, and we will see how his strained MCL will react to the practices.
  • We had Gonzo stop in and say hi the other day. Like us, he's pretty pissed at his team, and he knows that an 0-2 hole is tough to climb out of. Look for Gonzo and I to trade jabs all week as we lead up to, arguably, the best game on the Sunday schedule.

A final note about the defense: We know this unit is indeed very good, and that they will rebound. The Colts played a brutal schedule last year and still lead the league in scoring defense. Teams are now scheming ways to stop the Bob Sanders Beatdown Defense (aka Cover 3). This is fine. If teams want to put a tackle on Bob Sanders, that means one less person is blocking Freeney, Mathis, Brock, Freddie K, Beathea, or Brackett. They need to step up. These guys are proven and tested, folks. We can doom and gloom all we want, but I think we can afford to have some faith. These guys have come through in spades many times before. They will again.