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Stampede Blue Prediction Contest, Week 2

Once again, folks, it's time to make your predictions for Week 2.  Since I was out of town last weekend, I don't quite have all the "Expert's" picks in yet, but I'll give you the Top 3 Stampede Blue readers for Week 1:

  • Onenyte - 12 correct
  • iamsammy - 11 correct
  • farris6659 - 11 correct

Some other notables from Stampede Blue:

  • shake n bake - 10 correct
  • mgrex03 - 7 correct
  • JakeTheSnake - 7 correct

I also am using my new Predictor program, to see how well it does over the course of the season.  It got 10 correct.  Maybe I should listen to the computer...

Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you missed Week 1.  Like I said then, I'll attempt to post the next week's form on Wednesday, so that people have enough time to make their picks.  Here's the link for Week 2, and good luck!

Stampede Blue Prediction Contest, Week 2