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Who will replace Ed Johnson?

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With Big Ed smoking his way off the roster, the question now becomes, Who will replace him? Daniel Muir is the only under tackleover tackle currently on the roster. Using someone like Raheem Brock or Eric Foster as a starting caliber under tackle is inviting the runner across the line of scrimmage, letting him have tea in your second level, and allowing him to crap on your secondary as he waltzes into the endzone. Knowing this, what options are out there?

Here are some:

  • Re-sign Anthony "Booger" McFarland, who was himself replaced by Ed Johnson. McFarland has been out of football since failing a physical earlier this year with the Steelers.
  • Re-sign Colin "Not the Irishman" Ferrell. Ferrell was very good in pre-season, and Dungy likes him.
  • Trade with Buffalo for John McCargo. It's a long shot, but McCargo is not working out well in Bills Land. Polian liked him in the draft a few years ago, and he's built for Tampa 2.

Signing someone like Larry Tripplett or Montae Reagor doesn't help because they aren't under tacklesover tackles. Seriously, talk about deja vu. Indy lost both their tackles this season to even more stupid circumstances. Quinn Pitcock up and quits football before training camp, and Big Ed tokes his career away. I mean, between this and Corey Simon's "mystery illness" of two years ago, the DT position HAS JUST GOTTEN WEIRD!