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Week 2 picks

Last week I went a mediocre 10-6 on my straight up picks, same as my picks against the spread. So it's time to improve on that.

Panthers over Bears, apparently neither of these teams were who I thought they were but I'll assume they are still the same relative to each other.

Titans over Bengals,

Kerry Collins was better than Vince Young in 2007. A lot better. He was better on first down (0.8% to -3.3% DVOA), better on second down (26.2% to -5.2%), and better on 3rd down (65.5% to -13.6%)-Pro Football Prospectus 2008

Packers over Lions, The Lions got flat out stomped by the Falcons, they are in trouble if they can't keep a offense QBed by a rookie making his first start from lighting up the scoreboard.

Bills over Jags, this just feels wrong but I said I'd believe the Bills were a sleeper when I saw it, and I saw it last week. The Bills got great pressure last week which is what killed the Jags. Still feels wrong though.

Chiefs over Raiders, If I get switched from the Indy game to this one in the next two days I'm going to flip out.

Colts over Vikings, the Colts interior lines just have to hold up ok and the rest of the Colts will pull it out.

Giants over Rams, The Rams looked flat out awful, (VOA agrees to the tune of -101.7%) the Eagles were my pick in my suicide pool and the Rams let me rest easy last week, so I'm going to keep riding the whoever's playing the Rams train this week.

Saints over Redskins, The Redskins O looked terrible, they might not even be able to exploit the Saints D.

Cardinals over Dolphins, They showed they can beat a bad team last week and they get another shot to this week, but remember they are still the Cardinals don't get any idea about them actually being good.

Chargers over Broncos, the Chargers didn't play that bad. VOA had them as the better team on the the field in their loss to the Panthers. I'll hope for them to crash and burn, but bet on them bouncing back.

Seahawks over Niners, JT O'Sullivan? really?

Patriots over Jets, who's dumb for drafting Maroney now? Yeah, that's right guy from another forum who probably doesn't read this site, not me.

Steelers over Browns, the Browns got no rush against the Cowboys which is good news for Big Ben and the Steelers OL (pictured)



Bucs over Falcons, Fail, Matt Ryan, Fail

Eagles over Cowboys, spiteful yes, smart maybe.

Ravens over Texans, FO has me believing in the Ravens D.