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Week Two: It's been whacky

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I really can't recall the last time the Colts has this much crazy crap happen this early in the season. In the span of one week, they opened their new stadium, got their clocks cleaned by the Bears, cut one of their best young players on defense, cut their kick returner, signed a promising running back, and picked up a reject DT who couldn't make it onto the 49ers final roster. It feels like there was more roster activity this week than there was the final two weeks of pre-season. But, as I told Gonzo on Friday, I think many of these roster moves were made to send a signal to the team.

You're here to act like professionals, work hard, and produce. No exceptions.

Ed Johnson was considered by some to be a rising star on this defense, but the Colts had every right to kick him off the team. Big Ed's contract for 2008 is guaranteed. So, don't feel any simply for him. He's making 6 figures while sitting on his couch. Cutting him was the Colts way of telling their players that they will not tolerate any team violations. Courtney Roby was cut because he nearly fumbled twice on kick returns last week, and the quickest way to get cut from the Colts (other than smoking weed and getting arrested for it) is to fumble. Courtney is a local kid, and we rooted for him to make the roster.

Now, in the span of two weeks, the Colts have added DT Lujan Ramsey, RB Justin Forsett, DT Daniel Muir, and LBer Buster Davis. That's two overtackles, a special teams returner, and a back-up MLBer. All are young. All have promise.

The subject of cutting Big Ed was obviously very controversial here. We can debate the reasonings why things like marijuana are illegal until we are blue in the face. There are many things that are illegal that don't make sense to me, but that isn't the point here. After a big game that ended with a big thud, rather than hit the weight room, watch extra film, or talk with teammates on how best to bounce back, Ed Johnson responded to the Chicago loss by getting high and getting arrested. The Colts then cut him.

That was the message folks. We will see if the Colts respond to it. Rutgers rookie DT Eric Foster will replace Big Ed against the Vikings.