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Michael David Smith continues to rip Adam Vinatieri

More love letters from AOL Fanhouse writer Michael David Smith to Adam Vinatieri:

I could write a long essay about why the media's love affair with Vinatieri represents everything that's wrong with the idea of "clutch" players, but for now, let's just say I ripped Vinatieri, and a few minutes later he made me look foolish. Congratulations, Adam.

Ok, Mike. Write your essay. Backup your claim with some actual writing rather than the usual stuff we usually get from AOL Snickerhouse. I'll then write a counter essay on Vinatieri on how he embodies everything that is great about the NFL, and how he defines clutch. We'll let the readers decide who makes the better argument.

By the way, just to remind everyone, the Colts have won a Super Bowl since Vinatieri's departure from New England. The Patriots have none, and their replacement for Vinatieri (Steve Gostkowski) had a hand in New England choking in the Super Bowl last year. Bill Belichick did not have the confidence in Gostkowski kick a key FG in the Super Bowl from 48 yards out. Belichick opted to go for it on 4th and 13th. They didn't convert, losing the game later by 3 points. Yesterday, Vinatieri kicked a 47 yarder to win the game. The kick would have been good from 50+ yards.

Just saying.