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Stats Coming Out of my Ears



This weekend was a great weekend of football (and not just in the NFL), and there are lots of fun facts that occurred, a couple of them pertaining specifically to the Colts (All information comes from Elias, via ESPN.  Hit the link for more nuggets):

  • The Vikings were 109-0 all time when they had at least a 15 point lead at home in the second half.  They are now 109 - 1.
  • The Colts had gone 28 straight regular season games (33 incl. playoffs) without being shutout in the first half.  The last time it happend was Oct. 8, 2006 at home vs. Tennessee.  Strangely, dating back to 2002, the Colts have won 6 of 7 games in which they were shutout in the first half.  The one loss?  The first loss of 2005, which occurred in Week 15.
  • Adam Vinatieri's GW 47 yard FG was his longest since a 48 yarder vs. Denver in 2006.  Last season, he set an NFL record for most FGs in a season (23) without having one over 40 yards.
  • Brandon Marshall, with his 18 catches on Sunday, now has 55 pass receptions in his previous 5 games.  This breaks the previous record of receptions in a 5 game span of 52, previously held by Marvin Harrison (2002).
  • Peyton was passed by his little brother Eli Sunday on the Most TD passes/start in September list.  Eli now has 23 TDs in 12 starts (1.92), which is second all time.  Peyton has 66 TDs in 35 starts (1.89).  Who's first?  Brett Favre, with 2.00 TDs/start in September.
  • There were 8 games in which the winning team was trailing in the 4th quarter, which is third-most in NFL History.  Two times there were 9 such wins (Week 5 1990 and Week 2 1997)