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Peyton Manning: 31 4th Quarter Comebacks

Last Sunday marked Peyton Manning's 31st fourth quarter comeback in his illustrious career. I guess we can now fondly look back and chuckle at all the inbred, ignorant dweebs (Bill Simmons) who openly questioned Peyton Manning's clutchness and ability to perform well under pressure. To put it in perspective folks, the supposed most "clutch player of all-time" was Joe Montana. I personally think Montana was over-rated. Not that he was bad. He was a truly great QB, but he simply wasn't as good as Dan Marino or John Elway. Montana played with Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, Charles Haley, and Ronnie Lott. Elway and Marino had the likes of Mark Duper, Mark Jackson, and Ronald Humphrey for most of their careers. Take Marino or Elway, give them that talent and coaching, and they have 4 or maybe 5 rings.

But, per usual, I'm getting off topic.

Anyway, Montana, in his Hall of Fame career, had 31 4th quarter comebacks. He retired at age 38. Peyton Manning is 32, and already has 31 fourth quarter comebacks. Peyton does not play in the short, timing offense Montana played in. He plays in a down-the-field passing attack. And he calls his own plays, again, unlike Montana.

Can you tell that when someone says "Joe Montana was the best QB who ever lived," I want to rip their face off with a nail filler?

The other great clutch QB, Tom Brady, has 26 for his career. Again, morons lke Simmons have always shouted from the mountains that Brady is "more clutch" than Peyton. It was laughable then, and it is laughable now. Don't get me wrong. 26 comebacks is an amazing stat, and we here at Stampede Blue have always cheered Tom Brady's abilities (except when he plays the Colts, of course). But the fact is Brady is not "more clutch" than Peyton. Joe Montana is not more "clutch" than Peyton.

Peyton stands alone. He is money. Anyone who says otherwise can get their face introduced to the nail filler.