Ask River City Rage (Jaguars Blogger and Stampede Blue Alumnus)


In the spirit of friendly discussion, Big Blue Shoe and I are hosting a discussion of each-other's teams on our respective blogs.  You might know me as the Jaguars-Partisan over at Big Cat Country, one of the fine SB Nation Network Blogs.  What you might not know is that I first started writing about the Jaguars on this very site.  So despite the years of frustration and agony, quenched only by that one game with all those rushing yards, I hold the Colts and Stampede Blue in a special place.

Now, I will admit, there was no nicer home crowd than the last Jaguars/Colts game in the RCA dome last season.  I've never left a stadium that had multiple fans actually apologizing for beating the Jaguars.  This is from a guy who's gotten into his share of trouble at other stadiums by simply rooting for the wrong team, so to go to Indy and be treated so...nicely...was remarkable.

Anyhow, here's your chance to ask a real live Jaguar fan any question you want.  I'll even respond to the absurd and mean-spirited!  I think that between the two teams we've got 6 healthy offensive linemen, which should make our offense look really swell on Sunday.


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