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Early Recap: Jags 23-Colts 21

A great fourth quarter comeback is spoiled by Josh Scobee, who essentially saves Jacksonville's season with a 51 yard FG to win the game with 4 seconds left. Hey, listen: The Jags needed a miracle 51 yard FG to beat a very beat up Colts team. The Jags were staring 0-3 in the face, and if they had gone 0-3, their season would have been over. Done. Fork in them. Instead, they drive and make the FG. Bully for them.

For the Colts, the season, to be honest, really hasn't started. It is a miracle this team is 1-2. They'd played awful. AWFUL! They are so hurt it is almost comical. This bye week is a GOD SEND. We will talk more about this game later tonight, but for now don't freak out. 1-2 is not horrible.