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The Outsiders think the PI (non)calls were awful too

The writers of Football exchange e-mails throughout the Sunday games then put together the best of their observations and impressions into their weekly "Audibles at the Line."

This weeks audibles included these,

Bill Barnwell: Marvin Harrison's double-fisted jumping whine was impressive. Granted, Rashean Mathis has been feeling him up on pretty much every play (particularly on the interception return for a touchdown), but that was a hell of a complaint.

Benjy Rose: In general, I'm in favor of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for overt whining on the part of receivers, but I didn't have a problem with Harrison. Mathis should have bought him dinner first, and Harrison had had enough.

Bill Barnwell: How is that pass interference? Reggie Williams ran straight into Freddie Keiaho.

and for those that want to critize the play calling

Ben Riley: Tony Dungy's decision to pass twice at the end of the game doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Why not run the ball so Jacksonville has to burn time-outs if the Colts don't score? There was way too much time left on the clock for the Jaguars.


So there you have it. Some smart, football knowledgeable non-Colts fans think both that the pick-6 was a missed PI call, the PI on Keiaho was ridiculous and the they should have run the ball at the end of the game.