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Week 4 Picks

Week 1: 10-6, Week 2: 10-5, Week 3 11-5, total 31-16 (66.0%)

Oh yeah, broke 10 this week.

Panthers over Falcons, from Football Outsiders Quick Reads

Ryan's quarterback ratings over the first three weeks: 137.0, 29.6, 120.6. You'll never guess which week he played the real defense. Now, the Falcons get to go against Carolina, Green Bay, Chicago and Philadelphia; when Ryan struggles, astute fans will remember he beat up on creampuffs in Weeks 1 and 3.

Bengals over Browns, they both suck, but Cinci showed signs of life taking the Giants to OT. If I may toot my own horn a bit, I had the Browns at 6-10 preseason.

Jags over Texans, the Texans looked awful and the Jags got it done last week. Are the Texans doomed to become the "sleeper" that never makes the leap?

Broncos over Chiefs, The Chiefs are awful, they are battling the Rams for the title of worst team in the league. Thigpen is a crime against football.

Saints over Niners, another one of the "remember what team this is" games. They are the Niners, they are quarterbacked by J.T. O'Sullivan, their #1 WR is the 53 year old Issac Bruce.

Packers over Bucs, the Bucs are looking like who I though they were. They'll win the division, but are not to be confused with a Superbowl contender. Aaron Rodgers looks plenty good enough to go places with the great supporting cast in Green Bay

Titans over Vikings, Collins raw numbers weren't impressive last week, but FO had him as above average, which isn't something they say about Vince Young often.

Cardinals over Jets, this was the one I was really torn about. The Cardinals are the Cardinals and forgetting it is a recipe for bad picks, but Brett's Jets (like Brett himself) have been hyped up way past what is appropriate.

Chargers over Raiders, to steal a concept from Bill Simmons, the Raiders front office is in the (Mike) Tyson Zone, there is no story to ridiculous to be believed about their disfunctionality.

Bills over Rams, The Rams have benched Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green. I like the move, Trent Green will do a much better job of keeping the defense from giving up an average of 39 points per game.

Cowboys over Redskins, I'm not admitting the Cowboys are good, but I am confident in saying the Redskins aren't.

Eagles over Bears, the Eagles can bring some serious heat, 9 sacks against Pittsburgh.

Ravens over Steelers, you know who else has a good D that can pressure QBs, Baltimore, tough time for Big Ben, these two weeks will be longer than his backup's throwing motion