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Bill Simmons has seen the light on another Colt

Excerpt from a Simmons chat 18 months ago.

Kevin W. (Boise, Idaho): Bill, your most premature, incorrect statement of the 2006 NFL season has to have been when you said (in Week 3 no less) that the biggest blunder of the draft was when the Colts didn't trade up to draft Maroney. A few picks later they got the guy they wanted all along in Addai. Both are excellent young runners but Addai clearly fits the Colts offense better as a more accomplished blocker and better receiver. And he had a better rookie season. Any regrets for making this comment so early?

Bill Simmons: No regrets at all. I don't think Addai is that good -- seems like a 3rd down back to me. I don't watch the Colts and think, "My God, how are we gonna stop Joseph Addai!" Watch what he does against Baltimore this week -- if he gets to 50 yards, I'll be surprised.

Today on his podcast, Simmons said this

(Discussing whether the Pats would/should have drafted Matt Forte if they hadn't been docked their first rounder for spygate)

Aaron Schatz: No, I think they hopefully learned their lesson with Maroney. This is not a team that builds it's team around a stud runningback, don't take them that early in the draft. With how they were going to use Maroney taking him with a first round pick didn't make any sense.

Bill Simmons: Did they learn the lesson or did they just screw up the pick?

Schatz: I don't know

Simmons: Would you rather have Joseph Addai? ... I think I would

Schatz: Yes!

That's 2 down 51 to go.