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Colts Roster Update: Week 4

Just to clean up any roster confusion (because god knows I'm starting to wonder who is and isn't on this team anymore), QB David Greene was signed to the practice squad. The Colts cut Josh Betts from the PS. They also added WR Taj Smith to the PS. If you are wondering where Keiwan Ratliff is, he was cut last week for make room for Jamie Silva. When Bob Sanders comes back, Silva will likely get cut and maybe Ratliff will return.

Also, players on the PUP (like Ryan Lilja and Tyjuan Hagler) do not currently count against the 53 man active roster. When they return, look for more cuts (Jordan Senn and Corey Hilliard, maybe).

Have a poll attached, which is also the main poll on the site. Enjoy.