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Bob's knee, Peyton's knee, and my nuts

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Bob got his knee scoped while he is recovering from his bum ankle. Typically, there is the normal knee jerk reaction from typical morons who don't know the situation. Bottom line here is Bob is out until mid-October. Might as well get the knee scoped, which would heal in the same amount of time. Makes sense. In fact, it is the responsible thing to do. Why wait for these kinds of things until the off-season (or late-July, for that matter)?

I resurrect my anger towards the Peyton Manning knee thing because it was obvious as far back as the Pro Bowl that something was up. Why wait until it becomes infected? Be pro-active and get the surgery done in May, not late-July. Maybe that is the lesson they learned, and that is why Bob is getting the knee scoped. Of course, this will bring up more questions about the health of the Colts.

To be honest, I'm numb to it at this point.

With Bob, he is healthy every odd year (2005, 2007) while the even years he is hurt (2004, 2006, 2008). He is the reverse of the Star Trek movies (evens good, odds crap... though I liked Search for Spock). The main point is Bob wil be back by October 19th, which will also mark the return of Ryan Lilja and Tyjuan Hagler. So, in a way, the Colts will get reborn (somewhat) on October 19th. But, like all things, we will see. Lilja and Hagler had no training camp, pre-season, or anything. So, rust will continue to flake from the Colts roster in late-October.

The positive is two people that were question marks (Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney) are 100% healthy. I don't know what player Merril Hoge is watching, but it isn't Marvin Harrison. Teams have consistently placed their #1 corner on Harrison, allowing Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez to flourish. Harrison had the touchdown on the first drive against the Jags, and caught a big 4th down grab in the 4th quarter in that game as well. His speed is there. His routes are fine. Marvin is Marvin, and Merril Hoge is still a Steelers homer schmuck. And no, he gets no points for saying Vince Young sucks. Everyone knew he sucked anyway. You don't get points for stating the obvious. And those that did not think he sucked know nothing about football (like, say, the entire cast of ESPN's NFL Countdown), and their future opinions on the sport should be viewed as highly suspect.

Freeney, meanwhile, is still a demon. The lack of holding calls on the o-linemen blatantly dry humping him on almost every down is yet another knock against NFL officiating, which has had a dreadful start to the 2008 season. Teams are running more, like they did in 2006. This means fewer pass rushing opportunities, since our LBers and our DTs are doing the 2006 oh-lay! on run downs.

Despite all the frustrations, the truth is our team is indeed getting healthy. And that is what we need right now.