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Bye Week Blues: There is always fantasy

Ok, I've been a lazy f*#kstick when it comes to blogging about the Stampede Blue FFL leagues. I get so focused on one thing, I neglect the others. It is a re-occurring thing with me. Ask my accountant. Ask my girlfriends (current and past). Ask my dry cleaner, barber, dentist, and landlord. I tend to forget other stuff when I focus too much on something else. Since this is the bye week, I can catch everyone up pn the status of things:

Last week, LolJags dropped Ronnie Brown and his 5 TDs on my ass. However, because I am the genius of all things fantasy, I had Michael Turner and Aaron Rodgers going. I lost however, 119.5 to 118. I left Pierre Thomas on the bench, and he'd have given me 14.5 points. Still, scoring 118 and losing is not a total loss (especially when Ronnie Brown is raping you with 5-WTF-touchdowns!). I'm scoring a ton, and have lost two games because my WRs are not giving me much. Roy Williams is seriously pissing me off. He is off this week and Donald Driver gets the nod. I'm 1-2 in the FFL after a Week One domination. I'm riding that Michael Turner pony all the way, baby.

Hey, the guy has been the grim-friggin-reaper to our Colts for years. Might as well use his under appreciated skills to net me an FFL championship.

This week, Blue Ballad is my victim. You can view the match-up here. Using Fleaflicker has been good, but it is a bit too simplified. Not enough features, and some things are still rough around the edges. But so far, not bad. I'm using ESPN in another league that I've been in for 5 years, and I'm not married to one format over another (a good sign for Fleaflicker).

In my Battle Royale league against AOL Fanhouse, I am also 1-2 (see a theme here). SeanYuille is leading my division, but he took his first loss last week to ME! EAT IT YA MICHIGAN BASTARD!

Sorry, FFL brings out the Big Ten in me.

Right now HeathLedgersVicodin is leading the leagie at 3-0. This team is run by a Fanhosue writer. Don't know which one. Sean Alley, I think. Whatever, he is going down. He is riding the Jay Cutler bandwagon, and soon that donkey is going to buck.

How are the rest of you doing in fantasy? The second FFL league will get the shake b bake update soon.