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Shakedown League Update

There are still two undefeateds remaining after Brian Westbrook's ankle (and starting Gonzo over Slaton or Norwood) cost me my perfect record. Congrats to Matic (Pat Beach for President) and furrycolt (Tom Brady's Bastard Children) on their perfect records and leads of the Demond and Sanders leagues, respectively. I (The Inflamed Bursa Sacs) am still clinging to the (Bob) division lead by tiebreakers. My loss ruined the symmetry of the divisions. Each of the other two divisions follow a nice orderly 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-3 order.  Picture_1_medium

Good luck to all in the league going forward, especially torontocoltsfan who is leading the league in bad luck, ranking 5th in points scored, but with a losing record. dothemathis98 also gives evidence that having the most obscure reference for a team name doesn't guarantee you good Karma. 48 Layers of Kevlar is second in points scored but trails a team that scored 30 less points.