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Bye Week Blues: Fallout from Week 4

Once again, the Colts get to face a division opponent who is winless, staring 0-4 in the face and the strong possibility that the 2008 season is over before it begins. The Houston Texans lost a heart-breaker to the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday in OT. This was one of many wacky games that have begun to define this young season. Here's some thoughts on Week 4:

  • Once again, Josh Scobee kicks the game winner for the Jags, whose defense is a shell of its former self. The Jags allowed nearly 400 yards of offense and did not sack Matt Schaub once even though he threw the ball 40 times.
  • I feel sorry for Texans fans. I really do. That is no comfort to them, I know. If anything, it probably pisses them off more. But 0-3, with two loses already in the division, basically means the season is done. Now, they face our Colts, who are as desperate for a win. 0-4 with three division loses and one conference loss = flush 2008 season. This should illustrate how fine a line it is between winning and losing. The Texans are a good football team, and are about as good as the Titans. Go down the roster and compare. Yet, the Titans are 4-0 and the Texans are 0-3. Very fine line, indeed.
  • I've said from day one the Packers were morons for dumping Brett Favre for Aaron Rodgers. Now, a 39 year old man with an inferior team throws 6 TDs while Rodgers dumps his second straight game, and separates his shoulder in the process. Rodgers has a long reputation for being brittle, while Favre (with a bum ankle) continues to start games and dominate opponents. Don't care who your opponent is. If you throw 6 TDs in a game, you are a special player. Favre still is at 39. Rodgers isn't. Packers dumb.
  • I'm interested to see 18 to 88's take on the Packers braintrust after Favre's dominance yesterday.
  • Broncos came back down to earth and realize they have no defense. None. No pass rush. Can't stop the run. Over-rated secondary (Dre Bly still stinks). And now they can't run the ball. Putting the season all on Jay Cutler's shoulders will result in 6 wins. Jay is developing into a fine QB, but only QBs like Manning and Brady can carry football teams. Jay can't do that, and it is stupid to expect that from him. He needs help.
  • Good call to go for it on fourth down Andy Reid, but your playcalling was about as bad as it gets. 4 runs? THROW. THE. BALL. You have Donovan McNabb for crying out loud!
  • Lovie Smith is a great coach.
  • Scott Linehan isn't, and now he's unemployed.
  • So I watched some of the pre and post game shows for the first time this year, and I have to say ESPN's commentators have gotten much, much better. Gone are the Sean Salisburys we used to loath listening to, replaced by articulate, intelligent people like Trent Dilfer, Shaun King, and Marcellus Wiley. These guys are outstanding. They breakdown the game well and do a great job focusing on the important stuff. Take Dilfer, who made it a point to dismiss Terrell Owens acting like a punk following his team losing to the Redskins, and instead made a point to say TO's antics should not overshadow Washington's win. The was refreshing, especially since Dilfer works for a network that has their lips sewn to TO's ass.

What games did you watch? Any thoughts, ideas, reflections on Week 4 as we head to Monday Night?