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2008 NFL Week One: 5 Questions with Windy City Gridiron


Like Fredo, I was once weak and alone in the world. Then, my blogfather, WCG,  took me under his wing and helped me out. So, whenever I get a chance to pick the blogfather's mind, I take it. Of course, he still wishes bodily harm to me that my team crushed his in Super Bowl 41, but it's cool. I consider it tough love. And I don't plan on taking any fishing trips with him.

And without further ado, here are 5 Questions with Windy City Gridiron:

BBS: Last time we did this, both our teams were in a very historic Super Bowl. Last year, neither got back there. What have the Bears done this off-season to get better and make their way back to the Super Bowl? 

WCG: Last time we met the Colts were eating Hester's dust, then things kinda went the wrong way for us.

Not much is your answer. We declined to address our issues at QB. We declined to address our issues at offensive line. We declined to address our issues at wide receivers. We have resigned most of our key players, like Urlacher, Harris and Hester. We did ditch Benson and pick up Forte and Jones I think that will be a big deal for us.

BBS: Kyle Orton beat out Rex Grossman for the starting QB job this off-season. Based on the positive reviews out of camp that players like Chad Henne received, and based on the now uncertain status of first round pick Chris Williams, do you think Chicago should have drafted a QB last April?

WCG: They absolutely should have taken a QB, but not at Chris Williams' place. A first round QB might give us hope for the future, but he wasn't going to turn us around this season, so I have no problems with them not addressing that, but to see Henne, Brohm and the like go by round after round did grind my gears a bit. Then again Caleb Hanie has looked good, so what the hell do I know? If I would GM I'd address issues we need, maybe that is not how you are supposed to run a team.

Matt Forte working hard at Bears camp.

BBS: Lots of love at Stampede Blue for Tulane RB Matt Forte. How have Bears fans taken to him? How has he looked in preseason?

WCG: He hasn't given us any reason to sell our Neal Anderson jerseys just yet, but he has looked promising. He is running hard and with intent and that is a vast improvement from what we have. He has been centimeters away from breaking a few in preseason. I think once our offensive line has sorted themselves out he is going to a keeper. I think by years end Matt Forte and Kevin Jones, assuming he stays healthy, could be one of the top producing running back duos, if our line can be anything close to consistent.

BBS: The last two years, both our teams have been besieged with injuries. In 2006, both teams overcame those injuries. Last year, they didn't. Do you think the Bears have added enough depth at certain positions (like safety and DT) where if injuries hit them again they can overcome?

WCG: Some places yes others no. Safety seems to be a place where we are always drafting and we always get guys ready to step in. We have had significant contributions the last 4 years by rookie or 2nd year safeties. From top to bottom I don't know if anybody has a better defensive line than the Bears. Ogunleye, Harris, Dvoracek, Brown, Anderson, Harrison and Idonije. Problem is two of them Harris and Dvorcek can't stay on the field. I think with rookie Harrison and Idonje moving around we have the needed depth there.

The same cannot be said about the offensive line. We severely lack what we need. Then when we do attempt to bring in depth, like Dan Buenning, we bring in a guy is coming off his own injury issues. If we were to lose guys like Kruetz, Garza or Tait, we would be toast.

BBS: And finally, what does Chicago need to do to beat the Colts Sunday night?

WCG: Aside from play perfect? This will be Manning's first real game time back from injury and he doesn't have his center. The Bears need to come hard and often. We have the horses to do it. We have big time speed and power on our defense. I don't know how easy it is to rattle Manning, but I have seen him get a little flustered when he is consistently pressured. I hate to say go man to man in the secondary, because that could be scary with your receivers, but bring the lumber early. Corner blitzes, linebackers, safeties whatever you have bring it, get in his face.

Oh yea and we need to learn to tackle.

There you have it! Straight from the bear's jaws. For more info on the Bears as we lead up to the game, check out our friends at Windy City Gridiron. Just don't take any fishing trips with them.