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Some love to a Jaguar: Richard Collier

As Ufanforreal blogged about yesterday, Jags tackle Richard Collier is paralyzed from the waist down and had one of his legs amputated weeks after he was near fatally shot in a targeted shooting. Though Collier's football career is over, and he will never walk again, Collier is lucky he is alive. He is beginning a new phase of his life, a life sans playing football. This is not the end of the world. As Coach Dungy always says, family and life come first over football. Always. Richard is the legal guardian of 3 nephews. This is going to be a tough, challenging time for Richard and his family, but like with all things the best advice I can offer is to take life one day at a time, appreciating every precious moment.

Richard is lucky he is still here to look after those nephews. Our thoughts are with him and his family as they pick themselves up and move on with life. If anyone knows any charities associated with Richard, his family, or charities that deal with gunshot victims or paralysis please list them in the comments.


Richard Collier (76), lucky to still be here

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