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So, did your football fix get settled enough for Sunday?

Even though the second half of the Redskins v. Giants got boring pretty quick, I still loved the game. It's always fun when they start the NFL on Thursday night. It really makes the opening of the season feel like "Kickoff Weekend." Heck, even John Madden and Al Michaels seemed pretty sharp last night. Madden was picking up some things early, like Andre Carter murdering David Diehl, or how Justin Tuck is able to run down plays from the backside, even when blocked. I have to admit I root for the Giants a bit, what with Eli and all.

Isn't it nice when the announcers focus on the game, and ONLY the game?

One of the nice benefits of having a late game on Sunday is that I can enjoy all the early games without fretting too much. And then on Monday night, there are some pretty good games (Packers v. Vikes and Broncos v. Raiders). So, a very solid weekend of football. I'm trying to free up everything so I can just sit back and enjoy my football day.