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Eyes in the Backfield

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18 to 88 has one of my favorite series posted: Eyes in the backfield. Here's a little taste:

1. Watch Peyton’s left knee. All indications are that he’s on solid ground after recovering from offseason knee surgery, but until he comes out firing Sunday night, doubts will still linger.

2. Watch for pressure up the middle. The Colts are sporting three new starters on the O-line, but will have last year’s starters at tackle back. Last year, the line was beset by injuries, but there was only really trouble when the tackles were hurt. Howard Mudd mixes and matches better than anyone in the league along the line, so expect solid play up front. With last year’s whipping boy Charlie Johnson finally out of the tackle positions, he has the chance to prove that he is a legitimate NFL starter.

For more, click here. 18 to 88 pumped out a lot of awesome content this week, from their Lost Standings to their 18 Bold Visions. Worship the Zombie Bros.

Aside from the Zombie Bros and me, not too many other writers are all that focused on the Colts. Or, are they...

Our old buddy Gene Wojciechowski, who once whined like a sissy Mary that the Super Bowl will get held in Indianapolis in the near future, offers his take on the 2008 season. Pete Prisco says the Colts will face the Saints in the Super Bowl this year. Dr. Z doesn't like us, but he has been clinically dead for almost 2 years anyway. Bill "Papi up his butt" Simmons thinks the Colts will barely make the playoffs. Thanks Bill. I'll file that one away with your "Peyton will never win a Super Bowl" prediction as well. Good lord, what an asshead.

Seriously, anything can happen between now and January. Anything. But if you are a serious sports writer, you have to consider the Colts has a top team in the AFC, including their division. If you don't, you're either a homer, or a total asshead. Simmons is both.