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The sky is not falling

Always start with a compliment. The special teams looked good. Hester didn't break one, they made their FGs. The return game wasn't anything special though.

The D had some trouble with the run, but it wasn't 2006 bad. They gave up five per attempt, but they only allowed one long run and the issue was shedding blocks not an ungodly plague of missed tackles. They Bears D was able to run right at them again and again. No Tampa-2 defense is going to be able to hold up to that, but they need to hold up a bit better than that. Orton wasn't unstoppable he went 13 for 21 for 150 with a very good run game. The pass D seems to be well ahead of the run D.

The offense was rusty. They looked like the Colts we all know and love for stretches and even a full drive at the start of the 2nd half, but they stalled and sputtered on most drives. Appearing out of sync and disorganized. The Colts had near misses on 4 deep passes. Those passes alone would have put the Colts in the game offensively, but they also would have changed the way the Bears played the Colts on defense.

Even with the rust and injuries the Colts could have won this game if the breaks had gone differently. A few missed passes and a fluky fumble returned for a TD was the difference.

Sometimes you get the Bear, sometimes the Bear gets you.