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Rookie Cap info has the cap info on the Colts rookies up.

The Colts first pick of the draft Mike Pollak slots in between Dante Hughes and Charlie Johnson in cap charge at just over half a million dollars. They list the deal as four years.

Phillip Wheeler gets the rookie minimum salary this season, but has a 644K signing bonus for a total of 456K against the cap, putting him behind Bethea and in front of Courtney Roby who has a deal structured in the opposite extreme with 445K in salary and a signing bonus that barely makes it into 5 figures. Wheeler has a 4 year deal, Roby a two year.

Jacob Tamme carries just barely 400K in cap charge, with the deal structured like Wheelers, rookie minimum this season but a signing bonus over 400K. Another 4 year deal.

Howard, Santi, Hart, Justice, Garcon and Richard slot in in decending order with minimum salaries and with only Howard's bonus totaling 6 figures. All are on 4 year deals.

Buster Davis, Gijon Robinson, Eric Foster, Jordan Senn and Curtis Johnson are all making the league minimum with no signing bonus.

Daniel Muir has a year of NFL service so gets the minimum for a 2nd year player at $370,000

And on a sour note, Corey Simon counts 5.8 million on this years cap.

The Colts currently sit at 3.8 million under the cap.