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SB Nation's NFL Regular Season Studs and Duds for 2008

Over at SB Nation's general blog, we football writers have posted the results of the 2008 Regular Season Studs and Duds Awards. We did one for the Mid-Season about 8 weeks ago, and not one "stud" from the mid-point received a regular season award.

Oh, and when you see the results for MVP, you can only imagine my reaction. Let's just say I'm pretty pissed at some of my SB Nation colleagues. Here they are:

Below are the selections for the awards, voted on by our SB Nation football bloggers. The percentage of the vote they received is next to their name. We also added a new category (Was Once a Dud, Now a Stud) which works as our "Comeback Player of the Year" award. So, without further delay, here our SB Nation's 2008 NFL Regular Season Studs and Duds:


The Studs

NFL MVP (tie): Peyton Manning, Colts (35%) and Chad Pennington, Dolphins (35%)

Best Player on Offense: Drew Brees, Saints (33.3%)

Best Player on Defense: James Harrison, Steelers (41.7%)

Best Rookie: Matt Ryan, Falcons (78%)

Best Coach: Tony Sporano, Dolphins (44%)



The Newly Studly

Was Once a Dud, Now a Stud: Chad Pennington, Dolphins (50%)



The Duds

Mid-Season Worst Player: Braylon Edwards, Browns (40%)

Mid-Season Worst Rookie: Vernon Gholston, Jets (72%)

Mid-Season Worst Coach: Romeo Crennel, Browns (35%) and Rod Marinelli, Lions (35%)



Some notables from the voting:

Hope you enjoyed this year's Regular Season Studs and Duds. Please check out our NFL Scoreboard hub for news and articles on the playoff games!