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NFL Playoffs Dvisional Round- Open Thread #2

Well, it seems many here are quite happy the Titans became the second team in modern NFL history to lose as the one seed in the playoffs to a sixth seed. Of course, the first one to do that was our Colts losing to the then-sixth seeded Steelers in the 2005 playoffs. But hey, welcome to the club Tennessee! As we always say, seeding in the playoffs is meaningless. Regular season records and accomplishments are meaningless. Anyone can win, anywhere, at anytime in the playoffs. Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens, led my Jimmy Harbaugh's brother, John.

What I hope this loss does is inform the Tennessee faithful that they simply do not know what they are talking about when they talk about "winning" football. Their fans and their players chirped all year. Now, they're done. Hope this gives them their comeuppance, and that next time they show some respect for their betters.

As for the Cardinals v. the Panthers, Arizona is dominating Carolina now. Jake Delhomme just threw at pick on the 2 yard line, and former Colt Edgerrin James is running all over the Panthers D. This is your open thread.

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