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Farewell Coach Dungy

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  • BigBlueShoe give the coach a big tribute
  • shake n bake places Dungy's defenses in perspective
  • 18 to 88 salutes the captain
  • Clark Judge tells some of his favorite Dungy stories
  • Pete Prisco does a great initial write-up, then says Dungy is a "borderline as a Hall candidate." Pete, Tony Dungy is a Hall of fame lock.If doesn't get in, they should tear that dump in Canton down.
  • Titans fans think Pete Prisco is an idiot, call Dungy a Hall of Famer (see comments).
  • Chris at Big Cat Country calls Tony Dungy the "Anti-Belichick."
  • Speaking of the Patriots, their fans pay tribute to Tony D.
  • The Big Lead questions the sanity of one of his own readers (see the comments).
  • I'm a big sloppy mess right now, with tears and snot everywhere. And I'm out of tissue paper.

PS: If you aren't crying right now, you have no soul.