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More Reaction on Tony Dungy's Retirement

More reaction from the league and media on Tony Dungy's retirement:

  • Monte Kiffin, Dungy's longtime friend and one-time defensive coordinator in Tampa Bay, talks about Tony's retirement. Kiffin credits Dungy with his own NFL success. Dungy and Kiffin authored the now famous Tampa-2 defensive scheme.
  • Longtime Dungy nemesis Bill Belichick had this to say regarding Tony and his legacy:
    "People often say that teams reflect their head coach and that can be said of Tony Dungy’s teams, which are consistent winners every single year," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. "Tony has been such a fixture in this league that his absence will take some getting used to. He may be leaving the sideline, but Tony will be remembered fondly for a long time."
  • Tiki Barber talks Tony.
  • Bob Gretz gives some personal insight into Tony Dungy, who he first met in 1976 (Tip to Blueisgood). The story offers some very interesting insight into Dungy's career. Did you know Bill Parcells tried to hire him as an assistant with the NY Giants in 1988? Dungy eventually took a job coaching the DBs in Kansas City. Here's an interesting quote from the article:
    But [Dungy] told me that his three seasons working with the Chiefs DBs was the most fun he had in coaching. A couple years ago Dungy said of that time at Arrowhead: "They were such a talented group and they worked so hard at preparation. They approached the game the way I did as a player, but they had a lot more talent. It was just a joy. They were such an interesting group of guys."
  • NFL Network does a fantastic segment on Dungy's coaching tree. They have Solomon Wilcots sitting at a table with Dungy, Herm Edwards, Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith, and Rod Marinelli. It is an excellent piece, and offers insight into that Tampa Bay staff from 1996-2001. See Part 2, Part 3,and Part 4 as well.
  • Yahoo's Dan Wetzel chimes in on Dungy's depth of personality.
  • CNNSI on Dungy's lasting legacy.
  •'s Adam Shefter reported that Bob Sanders broke down in tears when Dungy told him he was retiring. Bob then grabbed Dungy and hugged him. No word yet if Dungy was physically injured.
  • Fox Sports talks how the NFL's loss is society's gain.
  • Chiefs coach Herm Edwards talks about his friend retiring.
  • Cincy Jungle's Kirkendall respects Dungy, but is glad he is retiring because Dungy owned the Bengals.
  • No link, but NFL Network showed Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis call Dungy the best coach of his generation. Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher called Dungy the most respected man in football.
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Dungy:
    "Tony Dungy taught us all how to handle triumph and tragedy with dignity and grace," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. "Although we will miss him, Tony is a great man and his impact will be part of the NFL forever."
  •'s Senior Writer Thomas George chimes in.
  • And finally, has a series of photos of Dungy through the years.