Interesting piece on Dungy from Kansas City

Just saw this article on the Kansas City blog.  Worth a read for Dungy fans.  Hopefully, we will continue the great play that we have seen from the Colts under Dungy with Caldwell.  While we, as fans, wish the Colts could have won another Super Bowl with Dungy, we should be grateful we got at least one.  The NFL playoffs are the biggest crapshoot in sports.  In a one and done situation, anything can happen from injuries, turnovers, referees calls, mistakes, great plays, fluke plays, and any number of unforeseen events in a 60 minute game.  I was hoping when Tampa let him go that we would pick him up.  I know whatever he decides to do he will be great at, and Indy has truly lost someone very special.  Thanks for the memories, Tony, and good luck.


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