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Player Review: Reggie Wayne


Reggie Wayne's catches declined from the previous year for the first time in his 8 year career. His yardage dropped for the 2nd time (though it's hard to top leading the league with 1,510 yards).

Games Catches Yards YPR TDs DVOA DYAR Catch %
16 82 1145 14.0 6 329 (6th) 19.2 (9th) 63%

Wayne picked up where he left off last season as the Colts clear #1 WR and one of the leagues elite WR.



Contract Info: Signed through 2011    Cap Charges: 7.4mil, 8.0mil, 6.0mil

Wayne is in his prime and is signed long term at an affordable rate for a top WR. Not much to discuss other than whether he's a top 10 or top 5 WR in the league.