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Player Review: Anthony Gonzalez


A quietly excellent season for Gonzo. His totals weren't spectacular, but he caught 72% of his targets (3rd best of the 79 WRs with 50+ targets) and gained 36 first downs on 57 catches.



Games Rec Yards YPR TD DYAR DVOA Catch%
16 57 664 11.6 4 234 (14th) 26.3% (3rd) 72%

Contract Info, signed through 2011,    Cap Hits, 1.3mil, 1.4mil, 1.5mil

The Colts WR structure has moved from the 1a, 1b, 3 set up to move of a 1, 2a, 2b as Marvin struggled. Gonzo was the far move effective of the two. Gonzo got 150% more targets and remained one of the most effective WRs on a per play basis. So he's looking at another step up in the offense. Likely to full blown #2 WR as Marvin's future with the team in question.