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Stampede Blue site news: Writing Fellowship 2009

Hard to believe that one year with mgrex03 as our "writing fellow" has come and gone. On behalf of all of us at Stampede Blue, thanks mgrex03.

Now, we transition mgrex03 from being a "writing fellow" to the status of contributing writer. He will still post here, working on specific articles and subjects while a new writing fellow gets her or his feet wet.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, last year we implemented a new program that allowed fans (like you) to submit applications to become a writer at Stampede Blue. Since I try and not have too many writers on the blog (because too much can dilute the overall message or theme), we created a one year "writing fellowship" program. The rules and guidelines are still the same:

The writing fellow gig is a one-year gig. This means, you have to agree to commit to blogging consistently on Stampede Blue for one year (ie, until January of next year). In my book, blogging consistently means at least five posts a week. The length of the posts is not an issue, but a minimum of five a week is required. Good writing skills are another big plus, as is a sense of humor. You don't have to be funny, but a thick skin is vital in blogging. These past few days have tested my skin, and it's been a struggle not to lash out at certain people just because they disagree. An open mind and a degree of self-deprivation are key in life, as in blogging.

Another thing I want to make very clear: There is no possibility for money (ie, I ain't paying you). You do not blog to "make money." You blog because you love blogging.

So, all that said, I'm sure you're asking Ok meathead, how do I apply for this outfit? The process is simple. Email me the following:

  • Your blog account name (you don't have to tell me your real name, but if you want to it's cool).
  • Where you live, generally (example: Evansvile, IN).
  • Can you commit to blogging at least 5 posts a week for a full year?
  • Your three favorite NFL teams.
  • Why do you love blogging?
  • What will you bring to Stampede Blue that is lacking currently on the blog?

The judges for who gets the fellowship are myself, MasterRWayne, shake n bake, JakeTheSnake, and mgrex03. I personally will place special emphasis on people who submitted last year who submit again this year.

If you enjoy blogging, and are serious about getting your foot in the door with a big, independent blogging network, this is a great way to start. There is no chance for compensation, but the platform we use now is much, much better than the one mgrex03 started with last year. Blogging at SB Nation is very easy and fun, and with the Combine and Draft coming up, we have some fun activities in store.

So please, submit your applications if you wish to be our 2009 Writing Fellow.