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2008 NFL Playoffs: AFC Championship Game- Open Thread

Congrats to cgolden and the Cardinals fans at Revenge of the Birds. I feel sick for JasonB and the fans at Bleeding Green Nation. Philly was down 21-6 at halftime, but Donovan McNabb battled back Manning-style and helped Philly take the lead 25-24, but Arizona gained the lead again 32-25. On a 4th down play, McNabb threw to Kevin Curtis, who was interfered with. No call. Unlike Ron Winter in our playoff game this year, who handed San Diego a key third down conversion in OT on a bogus pass interference call, the refs in this game swallowed their whistles.

Officiating in 2008 has been just. utterly. dreadful.

So, the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. Edgerrin James is in the Super Bowl. Now, we await the AFC Champs. This is your open thread for the AFC Championship Game.