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Know Your Colts History: How do you spell MVP?

M stands for...

Memorable - Every season that Peyton has played has provided its share of memories, but given all the rare circumstances that Peyton has dealt with, this might be the one that we remember the most from his career, especially if it ends in Tampa.

Masterful - Peyton's ability to put up the numbers that he did this season without the benefit of a consistent run game speaks to his dominance.  When you can execute even when the other team knows what you're doing, odds are you're a pretty valuable player.

V stands for...

Vengeance - If someone told you that your little brother was better than you at your job, you'd probably look for some vengeance too.

Vendetta - But you already knew that.

P stands for...

Painful - Knee surgery isn't fun people.  Sure, the surgeries Peyton had were near the bottom in terms of invasiveness and recovery time, but we're still not talking about getting your wisdom teeth pulled either.

Petty - As nice as all of those accolades and big trophies are, Peyton knows that they're nothing compared to the little things that go around your finger.