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2008 Playoffs: Freddie at MLB, Federkeil at RG, and more

With Thursday's injury report and some updates from folks like PhilB at the Indy Star, we now have a pretty good idea of who is playing Saturday night against the Chargers:

  • Gary Brackett is out for Saturday night.
  • Freddie Keiaho will start at MIKE. Buster Davis has been benched, though the Colts aren't saying it. He was sat down in the 4th quarter of the Jaguars game in Jacksonville two weeks ago, and since then the run defense has improved greatly.
  • Tyjuan Hagler will start at WILL. Clint Session is the starting SAM (Tip to BetterD).
  • Dan Federkeil will start at RG over Mike Pollak, who had his ankle rolled in the Titans game last week. Federkeil has practiced all week at RG. Looks like Pollak is a no-go.
  • Back-up center Jamey Richard is also hurt with a rolled ankle, and is likely out. Steve Justice is the only other reserve center behind Jeff Saturday.
  • It is unclear who will start on the defensive line, but likely it will be RE Dwight Freeney, UT Eric Foster,  NT Antonio Johnson, and LE Raheem Brock. Look for LE Robert Mathis, UT Daniel Muir, and NT Keyunta Dawson to get rotated in consistently.
  • Bob Sanders will start.