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Player Review: Peyton Manning


Peyton was Peyton even though at the start of the season he wasn't really Peyton.


Attempts Comp Comp % Yards Y/A Y/C TDs INTs ANY/A DYAR DVOA
555 371 66.8% 4002 7.2 10.8 27 12 6.4 1709 (2nd) 36.0% (1st)

Peyton claimed his 6th DVOA title (2000, 2003-2006, 2008) in his 11 year career, as the most valuable QB per play. His #2 finish in DYAR (total value) is his 8th top 2 finish (6 straight), 9th top 5 finish (7 straight), 10th top 6 finish (10 straight) and his 11th finish in the top 13. FO, despite being founded by a Pats fan, loves them some Peyton Manning.



Peyton is signed for four more years with cap charges of 21.2mil, 19.3mil, 15.7mil, 15.7mil. At the end of his current contract Peyton will be a 15 year vet (he's talked about playing 18 seasons) and will be 37 years old.

He's the best and he's going to be around for a good time longer.