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Meeks and Purnell newly employed; Colts still have no defensive coordinator or ST coach

Ron Meeks was unemployed for roughly one week. He's now the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. For Carolina, it's a good hire. Their former defensive coordinator, Mike Trgovac, sucked. Carolina's defense in the playoffs was very poorly coached. They seemed to take Arizona lightly, and the Cardinals burned them. That falls on Trgovac, and now he is no longer a DC. Say what you want abut Ron Meeks, but I've never seen a defense he coached take the opponent lightly. They always played hard, played fast, and with purpose. This is a good gig for Meeks, who needs to get out from under Dungy's shadow. If Carolina's D is better next year, look for Ron to get more head coaching looks. Meeks will likely implement a Tampa-2 scheme, which means Julius Peppers is likely a goner in Carolina.

Good. Peppers was always over-rated.

The Panthers can find a replacement for Peppers; someone who doesn't have a me-first mentality. Peppers said he would only want to stay in Carolina if they switched to a 3-4. When the player start making demands for what system your team should run, it is time to part ways with the player.

And our old buddy Russ Purnell also found employment... with a division opponent. Jack Del Rio continues to fill his staff with rejects and idiots. First, Mel Tucker (the horrid DC for the Cleveland Browns the last few years) as the Jaguars new DC, and now Purnell is the ST coach. Maybe they'll help the Jags, but I doubt it. Gregg Williams couldn't help that defense, and Mel Tucker is not Gregg Williams. Purnell was not liked or admired by the Colts special teams players, and in many ways Darrell Reid coached that unit.

It is somewhat odd that both Purnell and Meeks found work so fast while Indy's DC and ST positions are still unfilled. I still maintain the reason for this is Herm Edwards. They are waiting for his answer, or they are bidding with someone else to retain his services. We'll see.