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Player Review: Gijon Robinson


Honey Gijon came on late in the season (7 for 37 in the first 12 games, 12 for 134 in the last 4), but was he ever the player he was advertised as coming into the season?

Receptions Yards TDs DYAR DVOA Catch%
19 166 0 6 -4.2% 79%



Gijon was a sure handed, but was far from explosive receiver. He didn't have the fumble or injury issues that plagued his predicessor, but he was touted as a excellent blocker coming into the season. Line play isn't my specialty, but I saw far too many blown blocks (especially in a few key spots) and ineffective running to Gijon's side for me not to question what the Colts had saw that made them think he was an especially good blocker.